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Pro/Am Ballroom Dance


Glory of the ballroom dance

What is Pro/Am Ballroom Dancing?

Much like what you see on very popular TV productions, such as Dancing with the Stars, ​Pro/Am Ballroom Dancing is where a professional dancer partners with an amateur dancer.

It is a very simple concept. We are professional ballroom dance instructors dancing with a students.

The most beautiful part of it all is that it brings people from many different backgrounds with different life stories together to do one thing they love - dance.

Here at “Glory of Ballroom Dance”, we are proud to say that our instructors really enjoy teaching amateur students and successfully performing with them at Pro/Am ballroom dance competitions all around the world.

Students also have opportunities to do much more. For example, they can create shows to perform at studio showcases, perform at their own social parties, celebrations, or make a professional video production.


Our students love and enjoy ballroom dance competitions and showcases. It gives them an opportunity to experience all the glam of a Broadway-production-like atmosphere. Wear the beautiful costumes, measure the progress and improvements, meet more people with the same passion to dance, and enjoy fantastic music. Students can also take this as an opportunity to create unforgettable experiences by traveling the country and other parts of the world to perform.



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What is Pro/Am Ballroom Dancing?


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