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Go Ballroom Dance Los Angeles Orange County

Wedding Dance Memories That Will Last a Lifetime…

Wedding Dance Lessons Las Angeles Orange County

We understand how important your Wedding Day is, and we are willing to make it even more special! At "Glory Of Ballroom Dance", our instructors will customize a wedding dance program just for you. It will give you both the confidence and skills to show off your elegance, style, and maybe even a little personality on the dance floor. We’ll help you create a special “First Dance” that fits you! Be elegant, contemporary, or simply have fun. Amaze your family and friends with your new-found dance skills and enjoy magical wedding memories that will be yours forever.

Dance Lessons For Couples
First Dance Choreography
Dance Lessons For Brides


Lessons For


Dance Lessons For Grooms
Dance Lessons For Parents
Wedding Party Dance Lessons

Feel free to choose your favorite Ballroom Dance Instructor at

"Glory of  Ballroom Dance" Los Angeles and Orange County.

Wedding Dance Lessons
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