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Evgeny Likhachev & Maria Levina

Recipient of numerous competitive awards, recognized around the world for they achievements in Dancesport.

Benefits of the ballroom dance Los Angeles Orange County
Evgeny Likghachev, Maria Levina Los Angeles, Orange County


Evgeny Likhachev and Maria Levina are a striking illustration of the picture-perfect couple in the Latin division. With their classic style and movie star silhouettes, they make a stunning appearance on the dance floor.

Evgeny’s dancing is characterized by his flexible, athletic physique and classic movement through his arms and legs. He exudes masculine power while still maintaining refined elegance.

In contrast, Maria’s supple feminine figure flows with sensuality on the floor. Together they create a dynamic representation of the distinctive male and female roles.

Both of them were originally from Russia. They began their partnership in Moscow in 2008. From the beginning, they found a great connection between themselves. Even now, after so many years of partnership, their connection has only gotten stronger...


Honors & Awards

  • 1st Place - WDC World Championships in Portugal Open Professional Latin

  • 1st Place - World Professional Latin Rising Star Latin Championships

  • 1st Place - Capital Dancesport Championships

  • 1st Place - International Grand Ball World open Professional Rising star Latin

  • 3rd Place -US National Championships Professional Latin, R/S

  • 4th Place -US World open Championships Professional Latin, R/S.

  • 1st Place - IDSF world Open in St. Petersburg

  • 2nd Place - Amateur Latin World Open International Cup


Ballroom Dance Instructors Los Angeles, Orange County.

Evgeny Likghachev, Maria Levina Los Angeles, Orange County

In Maria’s words, their partnership is:

"…a big gift from God. That is what I realize only now! We don’t need to talk a lot, we understand each other from inside".

Their strong and toned bodies tell what hard workers they are, spending hours and hours in the dance studio. In addition to their long hours on the dance floor, they cross train with fitness, yoga, stretching and ballet classes.

They are determined in the achievement of their Ballroom Dance goals and strive for elegance, to be truly natural with their passion and in the freedom of their dancing. These ideals make their dancing come alive, as they share their positive strong energy with the audience through the beautiful moments in each Ballroom Dance.

"We love to dance so much that we can’t live without it.

We are a great team and always care about each other." – Maria

Evgeny & Maria are a strong and successful Professional Ballroom Dance couple with endless potential. They currently represent the U.S., participating in all major world events including USDC, Blackpool, the UK Open, International Championships, the Kremlin Cup, and many more.

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